test 04

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks.
Ever since it was first possible to make a real robot, people have been hoping for the invention of a machine that would do all the necessary jobs around the house If boring and repetitive factory work could be (1) ________ by robots, why not boring and repetitive household chores too?
For a long time the only people who really gave the problem their attention were amateur inventors And they came up against a major difficulty. That is, housework is actually very complex It has never been one job it has always been many. A factor robot (2) ________ one task endlessly until it is reprogrammed to do something else. It doesn’t run the whole factory. A housework robot on the other hand, has to do several different (3) ________ of cleaning and carrying jobs and also has to cope (4) ________ all the different shapes and positions of rooms, furniture, ornaments, cats and dogs. (5) ________, there have been some developments recently. Sensors are available to help the robot locate objects and avoid obstacles. We have the technology to produce the hardware. All
that is missing the software- the programs that will operate the machine.

1. Choose the correct answer for number 1


2. Choose the correct answer for number 2


3. Choose the correct answer for number 3


4. Choose the correct answer for number 4


5. Choose the correct answer for number 5


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